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The blockbuster London musical The Lion King is ruling hearts of millions of theatre lovers and wooing audience from all across the globe. The stunning cast of 40 actors, singers and dancers have enlivened up the heart touching saga of young cub Simba and his struggles to reclaim his Kingdom from the evil Uncle Scar. The adventurous journey of Simba can be enjoyed at fullest at the opulent Lyceum Theatre London!

The magnificent London Westend theatre with occupancy of 2100 is positioned in the City of Westminster on Wellington Street. In the same locality, there was a theatre with the same name from the year 1765. On 14th July 1834, the present Lyceum Theatre was constructed and was designed by Samuel Beazley.

Building of the theatre was quite unique as there was a big balcony over the dress circle. Peto & Grissell constructed the theatre. Bertie Crewe reconstructed the theatre in rococo style in the year 1904 but it retailed façade of Beazley and grand portico. In the year 1939, building was closed and was about to destroyed. But due to some unknown reason it was saved and transformed as the Mecc Ballroom in the year 1951. Later in the year 1996, it was restored for theatrical use by Holochan Architects.

During the late 18th century some popular entertainments by Charles Dibdin as well as some magnetic performances by the renowned actor David Garrick were the major highlights of Lyceum Theatre London. From the year 1794 to 1809, this building was mainly used as a circus, which was purchased by Philip Astely. His amphitheatre was destroyed in fire at Westminster

In the year 1809, Lyceum Theatre was a licensed house. Some of the notable productions at the Lyceum Theatre are Jesus Chrisr, Oklahoma and The Lion King. So catch the Disney’s all time classic with your near and dear ones. The two hours and fifteen minutes show is a delightful experience for the theatre goers.

Disney’s popular London saga, The Lion King is ruling the box office of Lyceum Theatre since 24th September 2002. The mesmerizing all time London musical is the heart wrenching saga of a young cub Simba and his adventurous emotional roller coaster voyage of reclaiming his kingdom. His enthralling journey comprises of lots of dreams, friendships and his destined role as the King of Pridelands.

The magical action bonanza of The Lion King has been enlivened up with vibrant costumes and brilliant puppetry at the Lyceum Theatre London. The African savannah has been recreated with lots of wild beasts, who have been created from masks, stilts along with stupendous dancing numbers. The major highlights of this popular London musical are the Zulu chants to the catchy musical compositions of Elton John and Tim Rice.

The stunning Lyceum Theatre London is positioned on 21 Wellington street Covent Garden, London WC 2E 7 RQ. With the seating arrangements for 2100, this popular London Westend theatre is located in the City of Westminster. Since the year 1765, there has been a theatre with the same name in this locality, whereas the current site had been opened on 14th July 1834. Samuel Beazley designed the brilliant theatre aptly with balconies over the dress circle. With the superb collaboration of Peto & Grisell, theatre was constructed.

Bertie Crewe rebuilt the theatre in the year 1904 in the richly ornamented rococo style. However, it has maintained the façade and grand portico of Beazley. In the year 1939, the building of theatre was closed and was about to be destroyed. The building was not destroyed and transformed it into Mecca Ball room in the year 1951. Holohan architect restored it into theatre in the year 1996.

Lyceum Theatre londonis accessible for viewers with disability factor as Stalls are easily reachable on the ground level, whereas lift is available for row H in Royal Circle and row A in Grand Circle. Kids under three are not permitted inside the theatre, whereas three years and above are allowed to have their sits and should not distract other members.

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